Friday, April 29, 2011

Jantsannorov - Tsetsen Manduhai

Jantsannorov /Жанцанноров/ is one of the best composer of the Mongolian. He produced a soundtrack of Queen Manduhai the Wise movie.

Mongolian folk long song

The Long drawn song "Уртын дуу" is a central element of the traditional music of Mongolia.

Namjilyn Norovbanzad /Намжлиын Норовбанзад/ was one of the best singer of the traditional long song. Norovbanzad is pride singer of Mongolian. Her long songs are very popular in the word. We named her "Mother Earth Queen"

Norovbanzad - The sun over the placid world /Уяхан замбуу тивийн наран/


Boerte /Бөртэ/  Mongolian ethnic music and throat singing group. “Boerte” group has been performing and presenting mongolian traditional music to all over the world, since it was founded in 2000. Boerte group’s concerts have been broadcasted throughout Italy, Czech, Belgium, Spain, Swiss and Germany.  You can see Mongolian beautiful Gobi desert from this video.