Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cuthberth-Over the top /Introduction to Nomads/

Mongolian Ambient Nomadic Chill out music.

You can see Mongolian beautiful culture and nature from this video. Just enjoy and FEEL IT :D

"We wish that whole world will enjoy and love our music!" Cuthberth

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is the Mongolian Traditional Music?

Mongolian traditional music is a big symbol of Mongolian culture. Mongolian traditional music is from Age of Huns /Хүннү/. It is pride of Mongolians. 

Long song /Urtiin duu/, Horse-head fiddle /Morin Khuur/, Throat singing /Khuumii/ are main parts of Mongolian traditional music. Also many instruments used in Mongolian traditional music include Hel khuur, Tsuur), Limbe, Surnai, Lavai, Bishguur, Khuuchir, Tovshuur, Yoochin, Shanz, Yatga, Tuur, Tsan, Shigshuur, Rattle, Denshig, Damar and Shaman bells.